Saturday, November 29, 2014

A very good day.

After helping out friends with decorating we both fell victim to the flu, but today we feel fine.

Our newest old car...a Peugeot 307 SW 1.6 HDi 16 v Sport. One young Breton lady owner from new, left-hand drive, tow bar, cruise control, roof bars, panoramic sun roof, turbo and chain belt replaced and a full Peugeot service history. What more can you ask? It has a scuff on the bumper but we're more than happy.

The seller, a charming young professional, lives in a beautiful large house with a turret just east of Rennes. She had maticulously cleaned the car, filled it with premium quality diesel and baked a traditional Breton cake for us and offered drinks. On leaving, she presented us with an expensive bottle of wine. We've never experienced such red carpet treatment before now. On top of all this she had a new MOT carried out and paid for additional work that wasn't really needed. We do not drink alcohol, but thought it uncurteous to refuse such warmth and generosity.

Stopped off at Ikea again for some more bits.  We got home to find we have a bag of daff bulbs which didn't register.

All we need now to complete a really good day is for Sunderland to beat Chelsea (not very likely). 

Off around the corner for a Dave's 65th birthday party.

It's also our sons birthday today back in the UK...he isn't 65, and he ain't our little baby any more. Wish we could be with him all the same.


  1. Ashley Devine (Birthday Boy)29 November 2014 at 16:48

    I wish you could be here too but I'll let you off this year :)

  2. ....just think Ash, you are still their little big baby! - nice car mum and is Mum still the driver or are you now going to take your share of the driving dad.

  3. No comment, but...I have driven it.