Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It rained yesterday...and today.

Monday was rain all day so I took the metal shelves down from the kitchen and replaced them with a solid timber one. I also moved the cutlery drawer from the right of the sink to the right of the cooker and oh, what a difference. Then I moved on to the bathroom and Bev is over the moon. And so ended a tranquil and eventful day. For all you husbands out there, getting on with a few little things around the house does wonders for married bliss.

Dave and Annie made us a lovely meal last night (Tues) along with a trifle dessert to die for, and we had a game of 10's while the fire roared. It ended up a late night as we also watched TV when we got back home. Didn't get up until 8:30 this's nice to have a lie-in from time to time.

The forecast was good so we nipped to Plumelec for the sand to do the rendering.
We had to fix the wheelbarrow first and by the time it was finished, black clouds had gathered.  I decided to go ahead with rendering seeing as the French are generally quite accurate with their forecasts. By the time I'd done a mix the heavens opened with a vengeance and I had no option but to carry on.

Scratch coat finished and protected. I'm so glad I decided to push on and get the job done. Just the top coat to do and it's finished for winter.

There may be holes in the cover but it does a brilliant job.

And there's plenty of room inside.

Ready for another day.

It seems very strange that it's barely teatime and I've showered and in my PJ's already.

We love living in France.

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