Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday to Monday

We can go ahead and officially put a roof on the bread oven, but would you believe it, new legislation means we pay 320 euros for permission to go ahead. Now isn't that just dandy?

It'll take a lot more than a day-long downpour to stop me working outside when I really need to. It's brilliant when the dark evenings force you indoors before you get too tired...only to find there is a list of inside jobs to get through.

Today is a much better day and we split and stored a batch of that timber stacked under the trees that Martin gave us.  I wanted to get on with the bread oven but only managed one mix before running out of sand. Although tomorrow is the bank holiday, the building suppliers were closed today as well. 

Last Monday was a rainy day so we took a drive to Ikea. By the time we arrived back home, some of the things we bought didn't survive the journey. We have plates that have been with us for three moves and have survived. I'm wondering if Ikea dishes are made to last.

We had lunch here after our French class for a standard 5 euros each. Bargain!

The view from our French class window above the cinema in Vannes....and there's my teacher.


Our Cruguel French class meal at Chez Marie-Annick in Tredion. Bev was ill in bed just a couple of hours after this photo was taken. Nothing to do with the food I hasten to add.

Shaping the bank in the back garden.

Sundays are as busy as ever but I'm loving being involved at church in the morning and chilling out in the afternoon before FaceTime with the family.

Progressing nicely with our goal of sorting out our personal histories in front of a cosy fire. 

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