Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Work progress.

Boy, that was a busy summer.

Bev is back from visiting her mum in the UK and we're beginning to settle down.

After Pete and Sue left to go back to the UK we enjoyed one last outing to Concarneau before the weather turned.  As it happens, this week is when the weather turned.  It isn't particularly cold but we've had a few rainy days this last week and when it rains, it really does rain here.

We are officially resident here in France and after registering the car, we registered ourselves with the local doctor in Plumelec. What an experience that was. It certainly is different to what I'm accustomed to.

Here are a few photos of work progress, some of which I've previously put onto Facebook.

The concrete base finished.

Starting to level the surrounding ground.

Our newest tree against the uncut maize.

Pointing the back wall with lighter colour parex and starting to level the ground. The clean concrete didn't last long.

It's a much better colour for the inside which will need to be bright when the roof is on.

Harvest time.

Sunrise over Sophie's barn.

Sunrise over Yvon's woods.

Sunrise over the harvested maize field ouside our door.

stubborn very thick oak root in the way of the levelling process.

No longer a problem.

Oak leaves falling in protest.
There was a bit of a wind last night so most of them have blown away revealing all the walnuts previously camouflaged.

The right hand side wall seems to be leaning but it's only an optical illusion (thankfully). It rained last night so the stone is looking a little dark around the fire.

The next few days should see the ground levelled and seeded if the weather holds.

Managed to cut the grass today as a bonus.

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