Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I know it's only Tuesday, but...

 A lot has happened already.

A quick mock-up of our quickly revised plans for the bread oven ready for the Mairie. Sorry John Flinn for hacking into your polished rendition.

Pascal dropped by to help me fill in the forms for the Mairie. Apparently, we will not be able to have a full glass frontage, but once the plans are approved, we'll be able to have a window at the front without the need to re-appy.

And here is my receipt after taking everything in...no mistakes! If there are no objections within a month, the plans will be approved.

Our car in the UK has sold. 288 views and the phone was still ringing before I cancelled the ad. Thanks, Jon and Serene for taking care of the sale.

This morning there was a heavy mist as we made our way to Vannes for our French lesson. We found several free parking areas for future use. After our lesson we had lunch by the old marina in brilliant sunshine. It's so warm and summery...completely opposite to Sunday's weather.

Came across this bread oven on our way back from Pontivy after filling
in the forms for registering my intent to work in France.

This is what the back of our bread oven would have looked like.

That sky in this photo is exactly how it was today. 

And finally...

I've finished Madonna's latest novel and will be reviewing it when it all sinks in.

It's a fascinating novel based on an actual event on 7th March, 1920 in Madonna's home town in Iowa. I feel compelled to read her 'The Orator And The Sage' which is about two of the main characters in Patricide.

Today I brought home the autobiography of Jimmy Nail...a man born two years after me in neighbouring Newcastle. His accounts will feature events happening near me from age two.

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