Sunday, October 19, 2014

A night out

After such a busy week it was a relief to go out with Martin, Colette, Joel, Annie and Nicola for a sell-out Big Band Jazz, Swing and Rhythm & Blues evening at Sene located the other side of Vannes.

Arriving at the Grain De Sel.

Getting settled.

Not long now. 

The band were excellent and the singer brilliant. She had one little exposure moment but discreetly and professionally recovered her dignity. 

Bev discussing the performance with the band singer... 

...and her little 'Boob'.

The morning glory looking good in the evening sun.

Enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon reading in the garden, followed by a walk and bike ride.

I don't know what it's called but the leaves of our tree look stunning.

I can't believe the grass is up already. I only seeded it last week.

Face Time with Serene and the boys, followed by Ash and Amber and ending with Jon and Serene.

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