Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Last of the grass seed

As it's so mild we thought it best to get the last of the grass seed down before the temperatures plummet and winter sets in. First we had to level the area. Do you see that stone next to Bev's newest grow-box? It's one of three piles we had to dig out, and all of the soil was seived one shovel-full at a time...took us most of the day.

There's still a lot to do here, but it's taking shape. The main thing is the grass will be growing while we carry on. 

No rain forecast so it's watering time. Moles beware...I've got a plan.

It may look a mess but it's real progress for us. The main veg plot is ready and covered with plastic for winter and all we need is more crushed slate to finish the step-down area.

One of the piles of stone from this area.

We also managed a trip to the tip. replanting our silver birch and picked up a load of sand ready for rendering the bread oven internal walls. A good day!

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