Sunday, October 12, 2014

New territory.

It's blustery and autumnal and the message is..."How dare you have parasols up at this time of year"

There is a distinctly different feel about the place today.  I'm so glad I managed to cut the grass yesterday in the sun.

We've succumbed and stored the parasol but I'm sure it'll still be nice enough to be sitting out again soon.

And it was.

We've never been here this time of year. It's new territory and we're doing new things.

Seeded at last. 

The colours are stunning.

The flowers are still with us. 

I haven't done anything with this photo. the green was lush in the early evening sun. 

Some of the gooseberries are in. See how much stone came out of those little squares. 

The walnuts are amazing. These few are just the beginning.

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