Thursday, January 16, 2014

Well, here we are again.

I last reported (4th Jan) that I'll be off to see Sunderland play Manchester United at the Stadium of Light in the Capital One Cup Semi-Final. I mentioned it would be a tall order for us to win the game. was a great atmosphere, a great game and a great result. We won 2-1 and go into the second leg with a goal advantage. Anything can happen at Old Trafford next week, and I really fancy our chances of reaching the final.

The Sunderland visit wasn't all about football.  We spent some quality time with the family as well as two and a half gruelling days of work at Brinkburn, largely taking care of securing the shower base for our tenants.

It was really good to be near the sea again.

The stadium of light. The pitch is below ground level.

I was born and grew up near the tall buildings to the right, by the river.

They make statues of managers who win cups here in Sunderland. Yes, this is the only one...Bob Stokoe I remember it well (as a 21yr old).

Showing United what we are made of.

First blood to Sunderland...and well deserved.

Level terms but still Sunderland playing the best football before scoring the final goal. The place erupted. No photograph can capture the atmosphere. It was special.

Tomorrow's post will feature our Ireland trip.

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