Friday, January 24, 2014

Not Such A Special Night

I took Bev to Chorley Hospital in the early hours of this morning and she is now at Preston Royal and ready for those boulders to be blasted. It may not have been a good night, but I kid(ney) you not that as they and time passes, things are going to be a whole lot better.

It's also time to impress Bev by remembering to take everything she asked for when I set off to visit her in a few minutes.

This is the quickest way to let the family know what's happening...unless Martin has already managed to contact you.

I'll let her know you are all thinking of her.


  1. Oh dear, I hope Bev is soon fully recovered.

  2. Hi Jean. She's back home minus one stone. The other is too large to be ejected whole from her kidney and will now be blasted in a few weeks. She's happy to be home and is currently fast asleep.