Friday, January 17, 2014

Officially Old

At last! I'm officially old. I picked up my bus pass today, so David joined me (two old codgers) on a tour of Nottingham. We took the bus to Nottingham, of course, then the tram from the centre.

So, the route was...
Bus to Nottingham
Tram to Hyson Green (Asda)
Tram back to town...galleries and shopping.
Bus to Clifton
Bus to Queens Drive B&Q
Walk across Clifton Bridge
Bus to Trent Bridge Cricket Ground
Bus to Radcliffe Road (Davies Road)

Cost: £0:00

College lecturer who is 60 but has to wait another 4years for her pass.
Gallery managers
Bus Drivers
Till operators
Pedestrian...speaking about the gas leak at Clifton.
School children who filled a bus we were on...they finish school early on Fridays.
And with each other...David never stopped!

A good experience.


  1. Does this mean it's your birthday, Ken? If so, Happy Birthday! If not, well then I am glad you had a lovely "old codgers" trip today!

  2. Hi Randi
    It was just a lovely old codgers trip...birthday next month.