Saturday, January 25, 2014

My First Solo Bus Ride Using My Old Codgers Pass + Bev Update.

My first solo journey with my bus pass...

I decided to take the bus to pick Bev up at the hospital (apparently the hospital car park is horrendous). Bev passed a stone last night and today they have decided to let her go home even though there is a huge stone in her left kidney. They say that the kidney will not be able to spit this one out, so there's no danger of her collapsing with pain. They'll blast it in a few weeks.

It wasn't a nice day but fortunately the bus runs every 10 minutes to Preston. I then had to take a shuttle to the hospital.

What I didn't realise was that Bev is a child bride and she doesn't get her bus pass for another four years. She had to pay £2.70 for the shuttle and £4.70 for the bus ONE WAY. It's a good job she had some money in her purse because I only had a few pounds with me.

The bus to Preston was a double-decker, so I went up top right at the front. I found that someone had left a daily newspaper, so I had a really good read and a good ride...all for nothing.

Time lost waiting for four buses...approximately12 minutes.
Total savings... £14.80.

Get in!


  1. Not get in, Ken, - get on!!

  2. Very good, not one to miss a bargain. Ever the considerate one. Looking forward to February.