Saturday, January 18, 2014


Last week we were at last on our way to find the birthplace of my grandfather in Dunfanaghy (Ireland). We drove from Dublin over to Donegal, then on our way along the stunning coast road to Dunfanaghy.


Walking up to Slieve League (the highest cliffs in europe). David is in the background driving the car up to save us too much of a walk.

Quite steep isn't it, Bev?

End of day one and we couldn't have had it better.

Day two, and it's a tricky drive through the mountains which had ice on the road.

Stopped at a gallery here to admire the views.

At last we arrive at our destination.We parked here (as the sign suggests), and walked along the lane in search of the old farmhouse where my grandfather was born. After a while we gave up and decided to ask at the above house where we parked the car, if they knew of any Stewarts in the area.

Would you believe it...this is the very house where he was born. The house is over 300 years old (doesn't look it), and the Stewart family is still living here.  In fact, they are all over the place, and this is Mavis telling us all about it.

This is cousin Desmond...a real character.

He's a keen fisherman.

The family all together in the local Cemetery.

My family came from the shore just beyond the rainbow. My Great Grandmother came from the area I'm standing.

I haven't enhanced this photo.

I didn't enhance this one either, which is further north at Port Stewart. We stayed overnight just fifty yards from these crashing waves.

Back in Dublin.

I would be upset, too!

A shame we didn't get to hear the music.

Inside the sweet shop.

The famous O'Connell Street. O'Connell is worth reading about, by all accounts. That isn't his statue, incidentally.

The plane home ending a brilliant trip to Ireland.


  1. Ken, these photos are gorgeous! I can see the top one as one of your paintings. I also loved the shot of you catching the rainbow! Ireland looks so beautiful. My step-kids stayed in Dublin for the summer a few years ago and loved Ireland.

  2. I remember that...weren't they cycling throughout Europe?