Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Goals Along With My First Decision.

They've arrived! Yippee! Which one shall I read first? Once I've read them, I'll watch the films. I've decided to add a few more to my list as it seems to me to be one of my better ideas to achieve a goal.

Once a year we get together with a group of friends (usually late december or early January) and we each set five goals to accomplish during the year... things we'd like to get done but up to now haven't managed to find time for and, consequently, are forever pushed to one side.

We've been doing it for years and it's a great social evening. We have such a laugh...especially if one of our goals is to lose weight. A trophy is awarded to the person who has achieved most of their five goals. Bev won it for 2013.

My goals for 2014 are...

1. Read a book about the Martin Handcart Company (my great great aunt was one of those pioneers belonging to this company. I watched a film about it and now I'd like to read the book). Then contact living relatives in the US in preparation for a reunion in the future.

2. Read three books made into films that come out in 2014. 12 Years a Slave / 100 Foot Journey / The Book Thief. I'd like to add a couple more but I won't be judged on them.

3. Transfer all of my mini DV tapes onto the computer ready for editing. I have dozens. And transfer all of my vinyl LP's into digital format.

4. I have thousands of bits of, programmes, concerts, achievements and photos of my life over the past 60 years. At the moment they are in various boxes gathering dust. I've decided to get them all organised into scrapbooks and put onto my bookshelf for easy access.

5. Carry out a feasibility study on producing bio diesel fuel for our car while living in France. We don't own a diesel car at the moment, but that will change if I'm able to produce the fuel. As this goal may take a very short time to carry out, I have another goal...but I'll have to shoot you if I tell you what it is.

As you can see, I haven't exactly stretched myself, but I don't want another year to go by having failed on some of the small things I'd like to do in my life.

So, which book shall I read first?

ps, I ate the apple in the photo as I typed this post. That's how easy typing a blog is.

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