Friday, March 04, 2011

Bumps, balm and bargains

The phone rang and I rushed downstairs to answer it, but it was one of those annoying cold calls. I rushed back upstairs mumbling and annoyed with myself for answering it. Thats when I fell upstairs bruising my toe, scraping my knee and almost disjointing the other. I sat on the stairs writhing in pain for ages.

to console myself, I nibbled at these as I painted (and listening to Steve Wright in the afternoon)...Butterscotch is my favourite.
And I haven't shown all of the wrappers...

I was also thinking about the bargains that Tess (Willow) seems to pick up and thought of my own recent good fortune.

We wanted a new bin for the kitchen and I fancied a cylinder metal one, so I trundled off with some plastic in search of the best. I found one priced £38 but noticed that the lid didn't stay down. Having searched out an assistant who robbed a spare catch from another box (as per my suggestion), I convinced him somehow to drop it down to £22. I then learned that the container had been dropped on delivery and that most of the bins were damaged. I'm not exactly sure how I managed to convince him to let me have it for £10, but I did...
It's just press the lid and it pops open. I love it.

My other bargain is more of a discovery really. My Mach 3 replacement shaver blades cost a staggering £6 for four at the cheapest place I can find. Bev noticed that at Aldi there was a similar product with replacement blades at £2 for 10. I tried it out this week and can honestly say that I will not be going back to Gillette. The shaver itself is better made than the Aldi one but the blades are still the triple version and one blade has lasted me all week.
What I really like about it is that I can easily get to a place just under my nose that the Gillette really struggles with.

I just love a bargain...especially one that will consistently save me money.

I know this is really petty when you consider what's happening around the globe at the moment, but it makes me feel happy as I sit here with my throbbing toe and sore knees.


  1. Bargains are always a bonus and I love your ten pound bin. I hope your injuries heel quickly Ken.

  2. Hi Ken,
    are you alone in the house why are you need to rushed to answer the phone?

  3. I love your bargains almost as much as I love butterscotch.

  4. Yours truly is a fan of Aldi too Ken. In fact had just returned from weekly shopping at Aldi & read your article. For a while, the peanuts have been pretty tempting. The other place for decent offers is Ikea !! Thanks again

  5. My favourite Green&Black flavour is the dark chocolate with ginger.

    Love your paintings Ken.

  6. Hi Phil
    I'm pleased to be able to report that walking was reasonably comfortable today (yesterday I could hardly move).

    Hi WHB
    Thank you for dropping by. Yes, I was alone because MIL was in town and Bev at work. I was painting in my winter upstairs studio. I will NEVER rush to answer the phone again.

    Hi Tess
    I'm slowly learning from the master bargain hunter :)

    Hi Raj
    Am I right in saying that Aldi is an Irish company? I always thought it was German, but the small print on the razor has Ireland as the registered office.

    Hi GaynorB
    I'm not sure...perhaps I'll have another box just to make sure :)
    Thank you for the compliment regarding my paintings, I appreciate it.

  7. You hooked me with the butterscotch fair trade chocolate. We have a waste basket in our kitchen which I love. It has a top which when pressed tilts inward so that you can throw in the garbage and then it bounces back. It's very efficient and convenient.

  8. Hmmm, butterscotch!!! Sorry about your fall. I love a good bargain too. Ken, thanks so much for your friendship and support over these past weeks. I'm happy to be back with all my blogging friends again :)

  9. Am in sugar deficiency mode at this moment, and was made even more deficient by the sight of those sweeties! I always fancied having one of those bins as well. My son has had one for several years, and I simply cannot resist playing with it when I visit him!

  10. Hi Paul
    Inwards? That's unusual. BTW, all of that chocolate is already a distant memory :)

    Hi Kelly
    And it's good to have you back!
    Don't you like butterscotch?

    Hi Vera
    I'm glad he's had it for a few means the catch is robust. I'm glad you've come out of hibernation now that spring is well and truly here. The clocks go forward next week...yippee!!

  11. My family in the UK love Aldi too, however the tiny store that opened here was not what I expected after they had told me of the wonderful has recently closed maybe unable to compete with Netto & Lidl! I would need to see a UK Aldi to see what you have that I do not.

    I can only imagine the yummy butterscotch!