Saturday, March 19, 2011

Time to relax

We've worked in the garden, been to town, sanded and primed the front door and a window, dug under and uprooted a stubborn old bush using a tow-rope, raked and levelled the drive, bagged loads of soil and now we are off to see Vin Garbutt who we last saw about thirty years ago. He's a traditional singer with contemporary content and hails about half an hour from where I was born.
Not everyone likes his style and to be honest, traditional folk isn't my favourite genre, but he's got a foot in both camps...traditional voice with contemporary material. He's down to earth and one of the lads and my kind of funny and sings with a passion. Anyway, it's live acoustic music up front and in your face which is just how we like it.
I think we'll get there early as we've never been to this venue before. No doubt they'll sell soft drinks as well as real ale otherwise it's excommunication tomorrow:)


  1. I always feel like I learn something new every time I come here. Thanks for the video. I was nice to get to know Vin. Thought it was funny that his home town folk didn't know who he was. I hope you had a good time and don't get excommunicated. :)

  2. Hi Ken, I popped in to see what was happening in your world. Looks like you had a full and enjoyable day. Are you serious about the excommunication thing?

  3. Just popping in to say hi, and to hope you enjoyed your night out. Vin certainly looks a character, and someone who is nice to know.

  4. Hello again you lovely man. Glad you are still well in the blogosphere and I look forward to playing catch up

  5. Brilliant time, thanks Randi. The video just doesn't do justice to the man. His songs are so emotive.

    Hi khushi
    It was a great day full of sunshine and hard work...and play. However, I was excommunicated this morning. I must come over and visit as I see you have posted.

    Hi Vera
    He's more than a character! They threw the mould away after he was created. BTW, Bev and I really enjoyed your last post.

    Well, well, well...what a surprise, Julie. It's nice to read about what's currently happening in your life. Nice to have you back.

  6. Hi khushi
    I was kidding about the excommunication:)