Sunday, March 27, 2011


By law, every household in England has to fill out a census form every ten years.

Today is the day so if you are planning to come and stay with us tonight, be quick because I've already started filling the form out and I have to include you.


How personal is that? They've asked for tons of information which was never included in past census returns.

We had a good laugh though.


  1. Too bad I missed the cut. I read today about Detroit's statistics in their latest census. The city's numbers have dwindled to 1920's stats.

  2. We should have stayed a bit longer and that would really have given you a headache!

  3. Hi Paul
    That is some shrinkage!

    Hi Eileen
    Actually, the headache disappeared the moment you walked in.

  4. I had to do mine over and over as next door's cats kept visiting and leaving. lol