Saturday, February 26, 2011

End of a busy week

Last night was Sarah's birthday party at Frankie & Benny's and the family from all over England attended...except me! I had previously arranged my third activity; Great British Ball, Swimming Gala and...wait for it...a Quiz Night. Even though I missed out being with the family, I had a great time and eventually got home at five to eleven and fell into bed at 1:15am.

The break time...

The question on the screen is...'How is 99 written using the binary system?  The happiest team were the eventual winners (Superman t-shirt).

This morning while Bev took the grandkids to Jolly Jungle to let off steam, my daughter Juli treated me to a 'Daddy & Daughter' breakfast at that lovely place where a past King of England visited (What's good enough for royalty is good enough for us). Our glasses steamed up when we arrived because we walked all the way there, arm in arm in the drizzle. The building is dated about 1600 and is a fine example of  tradition timber-frame construction.
 That's better...
The breakfast...a full English with hot chocolate and whipped cream was fit for any King and the occasion more precious than the crown jewels.

As we walked back home, this pavement caught my eye (it's  outsider the gallery where my paintings will hang once they are framed).

I replaced Bev at JJ so she could go into town and Juli spent some time shopping with Chris.

I know this isn't particularly exciting for blog readers, but it's one of those journal entries of mine.

We've just got back from dropping Ash & Amber's new second-hand car off at Mansfield and have had a KFC.

It has been a busy week and I'm exhausted...but happy.


  1. Does your daughter resemble you? It looks like it from the pictures, but I know pictures don't tell the whole story sometimes. She's a pretty girl!

    I'm glad you stopped to take the picture of the wet pavement. I would love to have it in my flower garden. If I had a flower garden. :)

  2. Simply a pleasure Ken. Am a firm believer in reflected happiness ! How fulfilling to be "treated ... to a 'Daddy & Daughter' breakfast at that lovely place where a past King of England visited"

  3. Love that wet pavement shot!

  4. Hi Randi
    If my daughter is pretty, how could she possibly resemble me :)
    I thought you did have a garden.

    Hi Raj
    I guess happiness is being treated like royalty from time to time.
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Blu
    I would expect you to like anything on the ground that is wet and reflects light:)