Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last night...

It was actually this morning when we eventually got home and fell into bed with our heads swirling with music and laughter.

We arrived early for the concert at 6:30pm and realised we were too early. The concert started at 8pm so we had a good walk around Southwell to kill some time and also had a lemonade and a cosy chat at a really ancient wooden beamed pub that will be hosting an acoustic event on the 7th April. I'm taking my guitar along for a song.

We were still the first in the queue and sat less than eight feet from Vin. What an evening! So powerful, so funny. The video clip doesn't do justice to the power of his lyrics and passion of his voice.

We had a good chat with him at the interval and joked about the Tyne, Wear and Tees.  He being a Teessider and me a Wearsider (also know as a Makkem).  'Typical Makkem', he smiled as he signed a songbook for me that I hadn't paid for yet and turned out to be the only one not for sale because it had a glass-bottom watermark on the cover. He cleared it with his wife and authenticated it by placing his own glass over the mark. He recognised me as a Makkem as we each have our own distinct identity and dialect even though the rest of the country think we all sound the same.

The place only sold real ale so we had to go for a sortie to arrange a hot chocolate.

We were so tired today at church...really, really tired, but no regrets.

I FORGOT TO MENTION paintings have been framed and are now hanging in the gallery at last.
Go to my website if you want to see the paintings up close (

I'm posting today because tomorrow is a very special day and I have a guest posting here.


  1. Your paintings look absolutely wonderful as pictured here in the gallery!

  2. Ken, your paintings look stunning! I am so happy they are hanging where people can appreciate them. And I can't help but feeling a little bit honored that I "know" you.

    Funny you should mention it---I have a guest post on my site tomorrow too. :)

  3. Hi Paul
    Thanks for the compliment.

    Hi Randi
    I'm happy they are hanging, too.
    STOP trying to embarrass me.

    And who is your guest spot? :)