Saturday, March 26, 2011


I saw this quote scrawled on a wall in Newark town centre and now it's playing on my mind. I can't recall the complete quote even though I said it to myself four times to commit it to memory. I can't even swear the missing word would complete the quote.

"Words are...(something) to silence and nothingness".

What is the missing word? What is the full quote?

It was in the same area (about a year ago) where someone daubed across the broken window of an unoccupied shop  "Fugs did this". I had the impression that it was a sharp wit responsible for the writing but not the breakage. I wonder if both writings separated by a year were from the same hand?

I like to think there is a deep thinking sharp witted opportunist graffiti artist amongst us.

It's no good, I'll have to go back and write it down and perhaps take a photo. What's the betting our town council have already scrubbed the graffiti clean? What am I saying, It's only been a few weeks?

In the meantime, think of a word that might fit and we'll see if you are right when I post the result sometime  tomorrow (hopefully). If I've already posted the full quote and photograph, pause for a while to fill in the missing word before reading on.

What are your thoughts about graffiti?

I think some of it is as inspirational as the rest isn't and should be allowed to stay longer than the year or so it takes the council to erase it.

Here we's at the end of this cut-through...
I missed out quite a few words...

"Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness".


  1. Some of the wittiest things I have ever read were in the form of graffiti. Such as "smile, you're on Candid Camera" on the inside of a public loo door.
    Sadly most graffiti is truly offensive so I'm not really a fan.

  2. "Words are obstruction to silence and nothingness" ? Always connecting well Ken. Many thanks

  3. "Words are unimportant to silence and nothingness"...Have I completed it ??

  4. Hi Jean
    The funniest graffiti inside a public loo I ever saw was 'Beware of limbo dancers". Fortunately I rarely go into a public loo and when I do, they are free of graffiti.

    Hi Raj
    Good try but not right I'm afraid.

    Hi khushi
    Another good try but not good enough:)

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  6. I think that true graffiti is beautiful. However, in Newark, there are somewhere between slim and none real graffiti artists. The graffiti in question almost looks stenciled, but I love it! I love clever graffiti!!

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