Monday, November 01, 2010

The Great British Ball... a few pics.

It was a ball, but not too formal. Instead of a grand buffet, we opted for cakes, sweets, nuts and nibbles as we figured most people will have already eaten. We planned for variety to keep the interest of people as they arrived by celebrating all things British. 

First things first. We needed to create the right atmosphere for people to have a good time.

Our blank canvas...

So far, so good...
Time for bows...
The left hand side holding the drapes collapsed just as we finished it all, but with minutes to spare before people arrived, it was all completed...again! This view is showing the food at the back of the hall.
Corridor...soon to be very difficult to get through.
British comics...
 British manufacture, film, sporting greats and landmarks...The hot plate will keep the punch nice and hot.
Guess which British nation isn't represented in the Union Jack?

Time to sign in...I greeted most people wearing a black gangster hat trimmed with mini union jack flags, red bow-tie and matching braces. Instead of cuff-links I tied red ribbon into a bow...or at least my son did and I couldn't do anything about it.

Checking the British film clips and adverts from the past fifty years to show in the reception area as they relax and drink their hot punch after photographs...we wouldn't let them into the hall until 8pm.
I guess it's ok! This area ended up jam-packed in no time at all. I was so busy after this shot that I could only find time for a few shots.
 Photographs of couples, families and individuals...Nigel was very busy.
This is a view from the stage looking onto the dance floor. We reverse projected the photographs onto the big screen as they danced. Ash (just visible) played the best of British music from the 60's onwards (as well as trad for waltzes and foxtrots etc! We even squeezed in two organised barn dances before the finale. I think every dance style was available.
Bringing the food out and ready to cut into slices. It wasn't very healthy...pick'n'mix sweets and a good selection of pies, flans and cake (other than a bit of fruit)
The fairy cakes were all made by, white and blue, of course.
The 2nd big screen projected stills of everything British from the past.
The grand finale...the proms from the Royal Albert Hall and everyone singing their hearts out, waving flags and feeling patriotic.
It was pretty good! A fantastic atmosphere! We printed the words for Land of Hope and Glory,Jerusalem and Rule Britannia because, as we all know, true Brits never know all the words.

Everyone pitched in to clear up and the place was soon just like the opening photograph. It was a nice gesture knowing that we would still be there if it was left to the two of us.

Thanks to the clocks going back an hour, we managed to get to bed just before midnight.

Verdict: Absolutely brilliant! A night to remember.


  1. Wow! That looked like a night to remember! I would think everyone got quite a patriotic boost as a result, so well done you and your team for making the effort to 'fly the flag'.

  2. What a lovely evening. It was fun to see the beautiful transformation.

  3. Thanks for the photos. I especially loved the drapes across the ceiling and down the wall--it made it look so festive. Hail to the mother country!

  4. You put a lot of effort into all that organisation. The ceiling drapes were fantastic, not too many people do that these days. Congratulations, you must be very proud of all your achievements.

  5. What an amazing evening of fun and fellowship! The decorations came out splendidly. Love the video addition too. Congratulations on this terrific event Ken!

  6. Hi Everyone
    Thanks for all your kind words. It WAS a night to remember and it was also hard much so that I'm absolutely tired out. Perhaps it's also to do with the clocks going back but I feel so drained.
    Hopefully I'll be fully recovered soon.