Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Great British Ball this Saturday

I thought I'd post early as the coming week is crammed and I'll be darting all over the place.

Unlike the virtual ball willow staged a while back, this one is very real. It's also hard work. This is the event that earned me a speeding ticket on my way to the first planning meeting on the 28th September.

The planning and execution committee...Nigel Dann and Ken Devine

The music is sorted
The equipment, lighting and effects are sorted
The sound system will be checked
The decor is almost sorted and we'll put it up all day Thursday and Saturday
The food and drink is sorted and we'll be picking it all up on Saturday morning
The photographer is sorted.
The quizzes are sorted
The flags are sorted
The video clips are sorted
The invites have gone out
The posters have gone out
The displays are in hand
The heating is sorted
The clearing up has been delegated...I think!

What can possibly go wrong?

I 'm not giving away what I'll be wearing, but hope to completely embarrass Bev as usual.

We're gonna have a ball!


  1. Take lots of photos! I've never been to a real ball.

  2. Yes, photographs would be good. Hope you have a great time.

  3. Hi MollyP
    Sequins? I wish! Actually, if I had time I probably will.

    Hi Randi and Valerie
    I've never been to a real ball either, nor am I likely to. It's only a ball in name. Some will dress up and some won't. Some will tango and some won't. It's an excuse just to have a get-together. The music is British and covers more than five decades, so there won't be too many waltzes and the like otherwise they wouldn't come.

    I'll take photos though.