Sunday, November 07, 2010


Yesterday was our late bonfire early thanksgiving family get-together over in Mansfield. It was a whole day affair which started with a walk for some of us.

Serene and Spencer...
 Photo-shoot with Amber...
 Crunching knuckles with Emm...
 Admiring their kids...
 Austin being the rebel...
 Emmaleigh being artistic...
Just finished watching 'Cars' with the kids...I loved it and was virtually left on my own for the ending as they've all seen it dozens of times before (I've only seen it three times). It's much better than rugby.
Over twenty at the table...passing babies over as well as dishes and drinks. Lots of conversation and news updates. Plans for Christmas.
Reflection of the bonfire...we just had the firework display which was absolutely brilliant. We've left Ash and Emm talking over a cup of hot chocolate by the fire. I don't think she wanted to be with the kids (she's growing up, don't you know?)

It was so nice to have the family together again. Everyone worked so hard...not least Amber.

I'm reflecting on how thankful we are.


  1. You have much to be thankful for, Ken. Much.

  2. Lovely pictures Ken, wish we could have stayed and not had to be home for Stake Conference

  3. Lovely family you have, Ken, and it is nice to count one's blessings. Makes up for those times when one is flat-lining.

  4. You have a lovely family and the children are cute... especially the little rebel.

  5. What a beautiful, loving family. Is there any greater contribution that a man can give to the world? I love the picture of baby Spencer. Such a happy baby!

  6. Hi Willow
    I know I have, but I don't always show it.

    Hi Sue
    I wish you could have stayed too. It was a real treat. It won't be the last.

    Hi Vera
    Thank you. I'm almost forced to count them at by one. What does flat-lining mean?

    Hi Valerie
    Thank you. It's strange but true...cute and a rebel too!

    Hi Randi
    They say that there isn't...which might possibly work in our favour come the great judgment because it has also been said that men contribute precious little as it is.