Thursday, November 04, 2010

Show of Hands...a special birthday treat for Bev

Show of Hands decided to have concerts for part of this year in cathedrals and amongst spires and beams. Normally they would sell out the Royal Albert  Hall but they came to Southwell last night. It was a real treat. I love live  music and it doesn't get much better than this...especially when you get to see the whites of their eyes as they perform. It's an additional bonus to talk to them and have them sign their latest releases.

We arrived early and approached the main entrance through the graveyard. We've never been to Southwell Minster even though it's just out the back of us...incredible place. 

The concert was a sell-out of about a thousand and guess who was amongst the first to choose a seat?

We last saw them in a theatre in Leicester, but this was something different and we were two rows from the stage.

Perfect acoustics and atmosphere. Kings and powerful cardinals often prayed here...they should have stuck around for the entertainment. The air was crammed with incredible sounds and we were wrapped in it all. The stage was directly underneath the crucifix...

 Special guest Jackie Oates signing her CD for me (yes, it's my grubby little hand).

 And Miranda...
 And Phil and Steve...
Have a listen...

You must also check out Roots and then Arrogance Ignorance and Greed on YouTube above. Don't get lost in the rubbish amateur recordings...the reproduction of music is abysmal. 

It was a brilliant night.


  1. Wonderful! Love the chance to find new musical artists. Glad that it was a great evening for you and Bev. Happy birthday to your bride :)

  2. Oooo very nice. Listening to that has quite made my morning. Glad you had a good night.

  3. Oh this brightened up a dull late Autumn afternoon! Am going over to YouTube to listen to some more! Well done for posting this up, and glad you had an excellent evening. Actually, I was expecting some religious-type music, and this was quite a surprise!

  4. A good night out with live music is always uplifting!!!

  5. Hi everyone. I'm running behind and am playing catch-up. It was a really good night and yes, live music always lifts us. If you ever get the chance, go and see Show of Hands won't regret it. Not only is the music first class, but the commentary is great too and that is something you won't get from a recording alone.

  6. Happy Birthday, Bev! I hope it was great!

    I had never heard of those artists so thank you for sharing that with us. What a beautiful venue. I especially love that first picture of the arches--great shadowing.