Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And I WAS fine...

I did have a dodgy moment, but just the one. I find that whenever I work too hard, a nightmare comes a visiting.

I finished the sequel to THE ROAD TO NAB END...
Eileen didn't think it was as good as the first, but I enjoyed putting my feet up in front of a roaring fire after a hard day of work and a good meal. I read up till midnight one evening, but with no one to tell me off, I found it very easy to carry on. I even turned the music up to the limit late one night and had a dance and sing song all to myself. I found out two days later that our neighbour who lives several hundred yards away had crept up to the house and peered through the slats of the blinds fearing squatters had broken in, but was relieved to see it was me. I hope I wasn't dancing at the time. She had apparently told her mother who in turn told her friend. I had a meal with that friend who then told me all about it. It's nice to know someone is keeping an eye out for the place.

Anyway, Woodruff is certainly readable considering he is a world historian.  He has achieved such a lot given the disadvantages of his early life.

It's nice to be back (I think!)

I'll be posting a few photos on my Brittany blog soon.


  1. Glad you survived !! Looking forward to reading all about it.

    (Also glad to hear other people do dancing all by themselves - it's the only way to try out new moves and perfect the old ones, after all !!)

  2. Turn that music up Ken! Love the idea of you dancing around :) So happy that you survived too.

  3. Glad you had a dance about. I do the same as well, normally when I am in the 'kitchen' doing jobs which I am not particularly enamoured with. Queen does it for me. Ipod, headphones, Queen, and we are rocking and rolling a fair treat! It must also be nice to know that your neighbours are watching out for you. Must have made you feel good. Glad you are back, though, and in one piece.

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  5. I am a home dancer as well as singer and comic. It's a good job I can't be seen ... I'd be put away if I was. I have resolved to read that book.

  6. Yes, I'm sure I'd be put away too Valerie.

    Thanks for your comments's nice to know there are more solo dancers out there trying dance moves moves never to be seen in public.