Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I'll be fine

Lots of things going through my mind today...like why I'm not angry with the mother who put her baby in the washing machine along with the wash-load, but angry with benefit cheats.

I'm shocked, of course; the details are harrowing, but I get the impression she was totally unaware and was probably spaced out...which begs the question of who was responsible for monitoring her, or allowing custody in the first place. It seems there are similar problems with social services both sides of the Atlantic.

I'm off to France tomorrow and I've just checked my passport. Why does it have my best friend's photograph and name in it?

Spurs play Sunderland tonight. Keith Eckstein is an avid Spurs fan and he's invited me for a drink in Josselin this week. He likes a good drink and I never touch the stuff, but I'm looking forward to a good chat with him (the first time I've met a fellow blogger). Should I fear for my life if we win tonight?

Can't get through to Gary...he's picking me up from the airport. Should I start worrying.

Ah! Eileen just rang to say Gary is house-sitting and has just contacted her to find out if I'm still coming. All is well! He even has some groceries ready for me.

Must remember to swap passports on the way to the airport.

Weather outlook...rain, rain, rain and I'm going to finish the outside store.

I'll be all alone with no TV, radio or internet access. No landline phone either. It will be cold and it will get dark early. The nights will be long and lonely and I'm certain there will be lots of creaks and imaginings in the small hours. I'm thinking of the ghosts at Willow Manor right now. Hope I don't have nightmares (I usually do, but Bev is always there to ease me out of them) Not this time though.

Good job I have a long list of jobs, both inside and out...along with a good book, a roaring fire, some good CD's and my iPod...and lots of Christmas cards to write.

I'll be fine!


  1. Safe travels! Don't forget to switch the passports. I spend many nights alone at WM and creaks abound.

    Sweet dreams.

  2. And when you stop worrying, all will be well. Have a great time and stay warm.

  3. Enjoy your stay here, Ken, and hope you travel safely.

  4. I went to Josselin about four years ago...beautiful place....wandered its medievsl streets...and the pretty river gorge etc...

    Have a lovely time.

  5. Hi Willow
    Thank you...and the passport is foremost in my thoughts. I hope I do have sweet dreams and not think too much about the noises.

    Hi Valerie
    Thanks.As soon as I get there (11:30 ish) I will light a fire and bank it up to last the night with the stove door closed.

    Hi Vera
    Thanks you...I'll do my best. I've half read you latest blog entry but don't think I'll have time now to finish it. You must have strong winds there.

    Hi MollyP
    We might have passed each other four years ago. Come to think of it, I'm sure...
    I'm DETERMINED to have a lovely time...despite the weather forecast.

  6. Enjoy yourself Ken. All WILL be fine :) Wishing you a safe and happy trip.

  7. Have a great time and enjoy yourself. Your imagined ghosts will turn out to be your friends as you get to know your French house in a way that's only possible when you're there by yourself. I am jealous as my next trip is not until mid-December and will be very exciting......

    Meeting fellow bloggers is one of the greatest joys I know - human beings brought together through common interest and genuine enthusiasm for France, not to mention the whims of the internet and Blogger. Enjoy.

  8. A fine person that you are - always "looking forward to a good chat" will certainly light many corners Ken ! Enjoy

  9. Hi Kelly
    You were right, I was fine as well as happy and safe. Thanks.

    Hi Jean
    Now I'm jealous of you! I didn't get to meet Keith in the end. I forgot to take his number with me and he could have missed me for the hour that I left the house. I guess there's always another time.

    Hi Raj
    You are right about me lighting corners...I turned every light on because I'm not too keen on the dark and shadows and things when I'm on my own.