Sunday, October 03, 2010

Cambridge pranks

Just like 34 years ago, yesterday was a beautiful day sandwiched between two horrible ones. We decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary by spending the day in Cambridge for no other reason other than we've never been there before.

Here are just a few things we learned...
1. The bodyguard of Prince Charles attended all the lectures the prince attended whilst at Trinity College Cambridge by virtue of his duty to protect him. He even sat the exam...and apparently achieved a better grade.
2. King Henry V111 gave Trinity College a great wad of land (belonging to the Catholic Church) that stretches all the way to London and includes what the Millennium Dome is built upon. The College is worth Billions of pounds and is the richest of all English colleges.
3. Cambridge University is the second oldest University in England (Oxford is the oldest) . It was founded by Oxford students who fled on suspicion of murder.
4. Students at Cambridge have to sign a contract which prohibits them from taking part-time jobs in the community. They are there to study...nothing else.
5. Pink Floyd began their career at the Anchor pub where the punts are gathered.
6. Students managed to put two Santa's hats on spires of a college seemingly impossible to climb.
7. Students also managed to put this car (below photo) on top of the building in 1958...a prank which baffled police for many years as they couldn't figure out how it could have been done. the prank was done (click on photo)

Some photos of the day and other things we learned...tomorrow!

Speaking of cars...guess who received a speeding fine in the post when I got home?  It's the second in my entire driving experience and the feeling is exactly the same...gutted!

I can't remember the last stand-alone perfect day.


  1. Interesting post..The car stunt is amazing!

  2. I have never visited Cambridge but I know from the students at Birmingham University have a lot of pluck and plenty of ingenuity.

  3. I know that Cambridge considers itself as the top place, pushing Oxford into second place - I had no idea that Oxford miscreants set the Cambridge ball rolling.

  4. Hi Blu
    It was amazing for sure but I think he was really trying to impress that girl.

    Hi Valerie
    I'd love to be young and cheeky again. I think of pranks these days but rarely have the energy to see them through.

    Hi Julie
    Are you coming up for air? It sounds like your new work is wearing you out. It's nice to have you drop must be on a shorter shift.