Thursday, October 07, 2010


Well, this is Cambridge...

Arrived just in time for breakfast at The Eagle, the most famous pub in Cambridge...
This peaceful room had a glorious smell...
The breakfast room...
There are more rooms, all peaceful and steeped in history, but that's it for now...we've had our full English breakfast including black pudding. Bev is ready to hit town...
Student pranksters put giant Christmas hats on those two spires one year...
As you can see, we took a guided punt tour (he was really good)...too many grand buildings and bridges to show really...

Lots of bridges but I must include this one which gave the town its name...the Cam bridge...
Without cycles, Cambridge isn't Cambridge...and boy, were there lots of 'em.
Dropped in at the museum to check out the Egyptian mummies and the French impressionists...
It was magic!
A quiet side street away from the hectic market...
It was an exhausting but very enjoyable day. We were lucky it was such pleasant weather.

Verdict: Well worth the visit, especially if you tag onto a guided tour. Try and avoid the all too familiar and universally recognisable shops and delve down the alleys for the interesting stuff.

We were educated, which is what you'd expect from Cambridge.

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  1. Ken D
    Ahh Cambridge. Our last visit was last Easter and we went punting - without disaster. I love the huge independent bookshop (forget what it's called) because it stocks some unusual books and has an eye for displaying the out of the ordinary.

  2. I feel as if I've been already, visiting vicariously through film. Lovely.

  3. I'm envious of your visit. All amazing photos Ken!

  4. Ken, these pictures are amazing! Your artist's eye extends to your camera lens. Now I have a new addition to "Places I Must Visit Before I Die."

  5. Your narration & illustration is so complete Ken - I also feel part of me has been there. Many thanks

  6. I can't think of it myself Molly P but we did go in and buy a few things from the children's section. They had a little stage and rocking chair set up for story telling.

    Hi willow
    I'm gradually ticking off the places I haven't been to in the UK but I'm running out of time and think the vicarious method might have to kick in.

    Hi Julie
    Thank you. It isn't the same without a few snap-shots, is it?

    Hi Septembermom...I'm envious of YOUR city and not being able to visit. Perhaps 2012?!

    Hi Randi
    You are way too kind. I can just imagine you and your family causing a stir in little old Cambridge.

    Hi Raj
    I get the same feeling when you talk of your neighbourhood. Thanks for dropping by.