Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It came to me in a flash.

As it does.


  1. This is a birdhouse, right? ;^)

  2. Is Big Brother watching you Ken?

  3. Hope you don't live in a camera happy area

  4. I wonder why they painted them yellos

  5. I wish it was, willow. We tend to think it's just another ploy to feather the nest of those trying to control us. Some cameras are necessary, but a lot aren't.

    Ever since 1984 Randi. Before that it was my big sister.

    Hi Valerie
    No we don't...I was visiting a friend and saw a 40mph sign suddenly replaced with a 30mph sign...and I mean SUDDENLY! Totally unfair.

    Hi Julie
    High visibility I guess, although being obscured by branches of trees on the approach doesn't help...or checking which radio station you are listening to.

  6. That's odd. Is that odd?

    Strikes me as odd.


  7. Custard yellow, something you need to have shipped across to France. PS. I do not remember 30 it was a very long time ago!

  8. Not only odd Pearl but evens too and replicated nationwide. Seriously, they are everywhere. So annoying when my sat-nav doesn't pick them up and gives me fair warning. I enjoyed reading your last post incidentally...quite a refreshing sense of humour.

    Hi Blu
    Is that because you can at least see them?
    There you go...forgetting again! Anyway, you are as young as you feel (a consoling recurring thought of mine).