Monday, July 04, 2011

A first time experience

This is what I wrote and should have posted before going to Sunderland ten days ago. I'm back now and feel a new man having had almost 12 hours much needed sleep last night.

22nd June...The drive is finished and looking good, although I think I'd like another sprinkling on top and whack it down nice and firm. I'll have to wait because the gravel is out of if I care. I welcome the break.

I've never caught a train from Newark to Durham and am looking forward to to this first-time experience. When Chris picks me up at the other end and drives me to Sunderland, I will be at the mercy of Juli for a week or so.

I expect the list of jobs to have already been penned and their completion eagerly anticipated. Roll on tomorrow for my first-time experience...and another chance to be of use.

Enjoying Wimbledon
Enjoying the chocolate from Father's Day
Enjoying not feeling guilty about those extra few strips of  chocolate today
Enjoying the warm days
Enjoying waking up
Enjoying ticking off the jobs completed
Enjoying reading blogs
Enjoying hitting the pillow
Enjoying my dreams

Not enjoying feeling zapped around lunchtime and having to push myself.


  1. Welcome back!! Your list is similar to my list on the days I don't go to work. (I'm two-fifths retired now.)

  2. Zapped around lunch-time? Treat yourself to half an hour's nap. We do here. It's a French habit which we have willingly embraced! But then we do not have an 'evening' as such, but keep motoring on until it gets dark, which is around 9.30 at the moment, which makes our days very long. Makes us feel that we are getting value from the hours of the day, despite that nap at lunchtime!

  3. What enjoyments...:) I was zapped at tea yesterday, having dozed off tired after lunch...:(

  4. Hi Jean
    It's nice to be back into a routine...and adding to my enjoyment list:)

    Hi Tess
    Who wouldn't, other than it being a little too short a list for my liking.

    Hi Vera
    I tried that today and it worked a treat. like you, I work too many late nights and need to break the day up.

    Hi Khushi
    Oh, to have a good doze. Don't we just need it as we approach 30:)