Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Couple of treats from last week

Had a great time last week and just one of the highlights was a first-time walk with my baby sister in Mowbray Park. We paused to sit in both of these which were about 500 yards apart, to read the words.

How would you finish each verse?

Another special date was with my daughter who treated me to a concert for father's day to watch Ron Sexsmith at the Sage.

The big old bridge is Newcastle and the new Millennium Bridge is Gateshead...the Sage Theatre (mirror cladded armadillo) is in the middle above Juli pulling faces...

 The old bridge...

 We stayed after the concert to watch the various colours of the tilting bridge...Pity my camera doesn't stay focused for bright lights, but it gives an idea...

 Juli still in wacky mood...

The bridge fully can you tell I didn't take the photo?

I'm a lucky dad, eh?

She did make me work though :)

The full verses from Mowbray Park...

If love was a lion, it would purr like iron, burn bright as orion.

If love was a rose, we'd watch how it grows, learn all the secrets it knows.


  1. What a lovely brother sister relationship you have, and what a lovely place to go for a concert. Hope you really thoroughly enjoyed yourself Ken.

  2. Actually, Vera, I seldom see her outside of funerals, weddings or landmark dates. It's less than 200 miles to Sunderland but distance still prevents regular meetings. It's worse when she doesn't have a computer (Skype).

    You are right about the concert venue, though. It's stunning and we had a great time.

  3. Great pictures and you are a lucky dad! Love the verses too.

  4. a super story and what an amazing venue.

  5. Hi Septembermom
    Thanks. Yes, I am a lucky dad.

    Hi Phil
    The venue took me by was a great evening.