Friday, July 08, 2011

Back to painting

Today's efforts...This is Featherbed Rock on Vane Tempest Beach. I was supposed to do a small sample, but went straight ahead and painted it 24x24. It's about half-way there.
 This is a small 6x6 that is now sold, but I couldn't resist strengthening it before sending it off on Monday. When I varnish it tomorrow, those colours are going to explode. Can't wait.
Now how many times am I going to tinker around with this Irish rock pool? I'm a lot happier with the flowing water and am tempted to call it a day.
 A favourite scene of mine...a step closer to completion.
I can't wait to get painting full-time, but with France looming next week, I'll have to wait a while longer.

These are too big for my art blog so they'll end up on my website when finished.

We just nipped out about an hour ago for a treat (Chinese takeaway) and got caught in a truly violent storm...thunder claps and all... it was tremendous and we were drenched as we ran into Blockbusters to pick a film for the night.  We enjoyed Liam Neesom in Taken, so we picked another of his films just as the ceiling collapsed behind the counter.

We stood with dropped jaws at the torrent of water gushing from above and drenching the staff and stock. It was the most incredible scene and proved most entertaining. There was more water falling than the waterfall in the above painting. Of course, they couldn't operate the till so we eventually left empty handed as they emptied the store of customers and locked the door behind us.

The storm has now passed and the sun is shining.

That was an experience and a half and was one of those times that I wish I had my camera with me because I can't believe what just happened as I now look out of the window.


  1. Ken,
    I remain perplexed by your usage of orange, but I'm going to concede you your artistic license on that. You're the artist.

    Your second rendition above, the Irish rock pool, is a perfect delight and worthy of joining the list of signature Ken Devine pieces. Please do not change it.

    Ken, I struggle sometimes with your mix of colors, but when you key into my wave length, you touch a chord that is nothing short of orgasmic. There, I've said it.


  2. Hi Robert
    You are gonna hate the next one...its a close up of Featherbed Rock without any beach :)

    I promise not to change the Irish rock pool other than sign it.

    As to your last comment...It cracked a smile on my already cracked face as deep as any of your grand canyons...even Bev laughed which is a rare thing this early in the morning.

    Thanks for touching base, my friend.

  3. Ken, your color choices breathe life onto the canvas! I love your paintings. Will you be selling print versions of your paintings soon? I would love to get one for my home. Hope all is well.

  4. Love the art, and the story about the rain. It has been belting down here too, but now the sun is back. :-)

  5. Love your artwork Ken. You are a true original, and use such a range of interesting colours to bring your paintings to life. Loved the waterfall painting in particular. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi Kelly
    Some time in the future there is a possibility to have prints but not immediate. The whole issue is confusing to me at the moment. A more immediate option would be to bring out a book of could then have SEVERAL prints of my work in your home:)

    Hi Blu
    I was excited about the storm but the downside was that a woman here was struck by the lightning and was killed. The surreal thing was that it was sandwiched between two glorious sunny days.

    Hi Vera
    Thanks for the compliments. I think you will see some wild swings in the near future as I'll be experimenting...which is the beauty of painting small panels.

  7. I generally never have a camera at the time I want it most...Enjoyed reading about your 'rainy' day. It's monsoon time here and we keep experiencing such sudden downpours and sudden sunshine!

    I love your paintings...especially the Irish Pool and the one that bursts with purple, yellow.....warm.

  8. One of my favorite things in life is flowing water, and you paint it better than any artist I've seen. You capture the evanescence and translucence in a way that touches my soul. You know, like Robert said. :)

  9. Hi Khushi
    Does monsoon weather mean it rains more than it doesn't for a month or so?

    I was shocked to find out that a woman here was struck by lightning on that night and was killed. The next day was as bright, dry and sunny as the day before the storm.

    Hi Randi
    Flowing water is cool...even in stocking feet:)

    Well, I would never have guessed that drying paint could have such an effect:)