Friday, June 17, 2011

Can't seem to fit everything into my day anymore.

Another study of Vane Tempest Beach...or should I say two. I'm fiddling around with it and I shouldn't. This one is the latest version...a little rougher.

I was also busy with the drive...not sure if Bev will be pleased.

It's strange, but I feel as if I'm running out of time even though I have all the time in the world right now.


  1. Ken, I so identify with your last statement. Every since school got out for the summer, I feel as if I just run from one project to the next. Maybe it's because when school is in session, I tend to let things slide, so now I am making up for the previous 8 months.

    I agree with someone who commented earlier--you really do know how to capture the essence of water. I love the translucent look of the wave!

  2. It is tough when time feels like it is running away from you. We are finding that the year seems to have gone into fast forward somehow! Might be because we are all keeping busy!

  3. I like the first painting better. That driveway is going to be a lot of work! You pack so much into one day so I can understand why you feel time's running out...what I can't understand is why I feel that way...I don't do much these's summer and generally holiday time!

  4. I really like your painting (the rougher one). You have captured the pull of the tide very well Ken.

  5. I think when our time is our own, we sometimes become very ambitious in our plans, feel that we must be very self-disciplined and can put ourselves under a great deal of stress. Make sure you don't overdo it. Finish one job before starting another. Schedule rest and relaxation. Here endeth the first lesson.

  6. Hi Randi
    As a parent of young children you would expect to be chasing your own makes me feel dizzy every time I observe my daughter of five children. But at my age...

    Hi Vera
    A busy lifestyle certainly seems to dispose of time at an alarming you so very well know.

    Hi khushi
    I notice you have removed Joy from your blog, therefore I will revert back to khushi as I assume it is what you prefer. The driveway is almost finished (thankfully)., but it has been hard work...very tired. It's worth the effort, though.

    Hi Phil
    You have good taste in more than just food I see:)

    Hi Eileen
    You speak with authority...knowing what David has achieved recently. Perhaps we'll all take time to smell the roses in France in a few weeks.

  7. Oh, very nice, Ken. I love the colors and movement you captured here.

  8. Running out of time seems to be a sentiment that we all share, even when it feels like we have more now than ever before. I've really enjoyed visiting your blog, your work is beautiful, I love the colors you use. And I love the look of the top piece here, the one you said was rougher. It seems to have more movement to it which carries a nice emotion. Great work!

  9. Hi Tess
    That's a great compliment coming from someone with such exquisite taste.

    Hi Crystal
    Thanks for dropping by and throwing compliments with such gay abandon. I'll take every single one:)

    I'm in Sunderland at the moment, but hope to post a few words all the same...if Juli allows me time off for good behaviour:)

  10. Ken, I was surprised to read that Joy has been removed from my blog name...I wasn't aware as I did not do it. Today I tried to edit it but it remains Khushi. I don't mind it though...Khushi is the Hindi word for Joy!

  11. Ah, I've learned something, Khushi.

  12. Ken, it's been so lovely 'visiting' with you again, and I know there's still so much to catch up on. I understand the feeling of running out of time. Sort of like this overwhelming sense of urgency. I've been wondering whether it's best to 'remove' yourself from your chores / projects or usual place of work / living to see if it helps with this feeling. I hope to put it into practice this very week! I've noticed when the Machinist and I go into town for errands, we feel sort of 'refreshed', if you will, even though they are usually business errands to either pick up jobs or steel, or something for the cafe. Anyway, to catch up on sleep always helps. Changes your whole way of thinking. I'm amazed how you get those colours so right. Some people have all the talent... tee hee... and wa wa wa waaaaa...

  13. Hi Helen
    It's nice to hear from you after such a long silence. I guess the cafe is really demanding. Reading about your struggles to open the place a year or so ago was really inspiring. You have actually succeeded in achieving your goal. I wonder if it's everything you imagined it to be?

    Yes, it's good advice. I walked into town yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the break and saw things differently on my return. This morning I'm going for another little walk and will leave everything behind.

    I have to tell you, Helen, that producing a half decent painting is probably every bit as demanding as getting everything right in baking your own produce and running a cafe.

    Enjoy your day down under as I sleep like a baby... or is it, enjoy your sleep as I work my socks off :)