Saturday, July 30, 2011

John was so greedy

I enjoy being without internet, TV and newspapers while I'm working in France and was shocked to learn of the fragile state of things in the USA, a mass shooting spree and the death of Amy Winehouse when I returned yesterday. It seems too few are taking control and others are out of control. I was reading a non-fiction book about the 1850/60's last week and I get the impression that things haven't changed a great deal.

Strangely, the most alarming, though not the most tragic news was regarding the USA. Can you imagine the impact on the world should they default on their debt commitments?

So, what did I achieve in my media starved world in France this time round? Not much really, but I'm so tired. (details over on the Destination Brittany blog)

Today we walked to Newark and enjoyed the atmosphere of the market. They also had hanging demonstrations, musket shooting, lute playing, sword fighting and everything medieval in the castle grounds.

I was particularly impressed with the area in the castle that King John died so painfully. They say he only had four faults... he was cruel, greedy, lustful and ... and...can't remember the fourth, but I think I have more than that albeit different ones (I think / hope).

I really wished I'd taken my camera...every time I forget to take it, something happens.

I'm glad to be back, for once.


  1. Sadly, things are pretty scary in the U.S. right now. It's a good time to be friends with God.

    And when you say you saw "hanging demonstrations," did mean demonstrations of people getting hung, or as in artwork demonstrations that were hung on a wire or something? Gosh, I am hoping it was the latter. :)

  2. One can understand the sheer relief to be home, after all isn't it the place where you grumble the most yet get treated the best...:))I'm not sure I fancy the 'hanging' demonstrations...just thinking of it makes me squeamish...which makes me wonder why people used to gather around to witness such things in the past!!

  3. Just had a look at all the work you are doing on your French house, and it is looking good! And can you define the 'hanging' thing...

  4. Ha! OK, I think I'd better explain fully...had I had my camera, all would become plain. Actually, I think I'll post tomorrow on the subject as Sunday might not be the most appropriate time.