Saturday, May 14, 2011


Two Irish mountain pools that I started painting last year but ruined by overpainting were revisited yesterday and now I consider them finished. Some elements are not as successful as originally painted, but some are...I'll settle for a draw.

These are not strictly 'Daily' paintings and are too big anyway to be included on my art blog, so they will go straight to my website.

I did manage to paint one little sketch and include it on my art blog yesterday, so check it out art lovers.

Right! I'm off into the garden for therapy.


  1. Lovely paintings Ken, especially the second one. I think it captures the movement of the water wonderfully well.

  2. I'm not an authority on art, but there is movement in the paintings and I think they are very nice.

    I don't know what your garden therapy involves, but mine used to be walking barefoot in the lawn early in the morning, when the dew was fresh on the blades!

  3. Such a pleasure to share few moments with your notes, paintings & then "off into the garden for therapy" Very comforting Ken. Thanks

  4. Nice. Very nice. I can't decide which I like better. I love them both.

  5. Hi Ken, seems like you have been rather busy recently, the house in France looks lovely and your paintings too!

  6. Hi Vera
    Thank you. Sometimes I'm so close that I can't see.

    Hi Joy
    The therapy is just noticing the growth and if I get my hands dirty, all the better. Is barefoot no longer an option?

    Hi Raj
    It's a pleasure to hear from you, Raj.

    Hi Tess
    Nice is not a word I like to hear from means you are just being nice:)
    How is the self portrait getting on?

    Hi Blu
    Thanks for dropping by. Yes, it has been a busy time and I've only just recovered. Now I'm ready for another stint:)

  7. Ken, barefoot still remains an option...sadly the lawn isn't one. I live in an apartment now.

  8. Your paintings have a dynamic quality that draws me right in.

  9. Ken, have I told you lately how much I love your art? I will own a Ken Devine someday. It's one of my goals.

  10. Hi Joy
    What kind of an excuse is that?:) I know window boxes may pose a slight risk, but...

    Hi Kelly
    There you go again...making me feel good.

    Hi Randi
    You have, but keep telling me.
    One of my goals is to own a Ken Devine, too:)