Friday, May 27, 2011

quoteflections: Willing to Grow

I have never watched an Oprah show, but was sufficiently impressed with the content of her final show to include the link via Paul's post at Quoteflections.

Perhaps it's because next week I begin a new chapter in my own life in search of the one thing that I was born to experience and feel happy with.

Here is a flavour of the jobs in my life throughout the UK that have placed food on the table (except for that time as a young lad when I bought a Dylan album instead of regrets!)

Window dresser / Drop forge / Retail carpets / Building site / Dunlop / Radial driller / Oil rigs / game machines / Parks and Gardens / Boat manufacture / Raleigh Industries / Musician / Woodworking machinery -  Then John Lennon was killed / College / Polytechnic / Self-employed (gallery and framing for 13 years) / Artist / Postman / Agency work / Wildlife Trust / Vodafone / And now back to being an artist and willing to grow... now that financial pressures and family aren't such an issue.

It just so happens that, given the economic conditions, it is the worst possible time to voluntarily walk away from a secure job (I could have stayed with the company in another role), but you have only one life, right!

It also coincides with the art world being particularly hard-hit...who wants a painting ahead of essentials?

I'm listening to my own voice now and will walk my own path. I may have to compromise, but I'm a dab-hand at that.

My goal is supply five galleries in the UK by the end of the year...with most of July and September taken up with other things. So I have June, October, November and a month!

Am I optimistic? Of course!  Am I anxious? No! Will I achieve my goal? Yes!

Here is a painting in the sunset in the woods series I started yesterday (too big for my art blog). It probably needs a little more work. You may recall that I did a small pilot of the same scene. I did another small painting which I've posted, so go take a peek if you are interested.

Did anyone see Oprah's final show?

quoteflections: Willing to Grow: "There is much to like about Oprah, including her courageous departure from her Oprah Winfrey Show. Why leave one of the most successful te..."


  1. I saw Oprah's final show. I loved how it was very subdued, very quiet, and very solemn. I assumed she would go out with a bang on her last show, with all kinds of giveaways, but the show was perfect in its simplicity.

    I LOVE the painting. I want to crawl inside and follow that road.

  2. The painting is full of hope and life, Ken. Love it! I know that you will feel how right it is to follow this path of your heart and spirit. Sending much positive energy your way! Your talent with the brush will open many, many gallery doors.

  3. I thought of you today, when we were working out in the field putting some new fencing up. And I thought of this post you had written, and which I had read last night but did not have time to make a comment, ......there are not many people who follow their destiny. Most park up along the way and 'make do'. Some don't. We are following our destiny, and I hope you have the courage to follow yours, Ken. Go for it! It's a hard path, but well worth it!

  4. Lets hope this posts my comments this time.

    Hi Randi
    What will you do now that Oprah's gone?:)
    That road leads down to the pond, so I hope you have a change of clothes:)
    Thanks for the compliment.

    Hi Kelly
    Thanks! I certainly hope doors are opened. Thanks for the surge of positive energy that just whacked me around the ear:)

    Hi Vera
    I was thinking of YOU trying to round up all the sheep. Hope they are all secure now. At least you won't have the same problem with the bees. You certainly haven't parked up, although you are having to make do from time to time:)

  5. No, I never was an Oprah watcher. I do like your painting, though.

  6. I like Oprah and used to watch her regularly, then her show moved to give way to Ellen Degeneres and I couldn't find her on the available channels.
    I love the colours in your painting...vibrant.

  7. Hi Tess
    No, I never had you figured as a fan. Thanks for the compliment.

    Hi Joy
    What was it you liked about her show? Thanks for the feedback on the painting...every positive comment is welcome.

  8. I liked Oprah and yeah, I liked the way she anchored her show and made it interesting. I liked her charitable nature. I'm not referring so much to the things she would give away to the audience but to her Angel network (I think it's closed now) I read about her life and how difficult it was for her and well, I think she's fought a lot of odds to get where she is.

  9. How comforting & reassuring to hear Ken saying "I'm listening to my own voice now and will walk my own path" Am sure you will enjoy the sunshine & music along the way. Warmly

  10. Hi khushi
    Everyone loves an underdog that makes good, as she definitely made good. I'm replying late, but better late than never. Thank you for dropping by.

    Hi Raj
    I'm still listening, but I'm unsure of who's path it is I'm walking:)

  11. This is a beautiful painting. The colours are so alive. I am sure you will achieve your goal, you're clearly a very gifted painter. I've come across you via blucamels blog. I can't paint but I love art.

  12. Hi Stephanie
    This is Ken using my daughter's pc in Sunderland.
    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment...and such compliments, too.