Friday, May 20, 2011

Bread winner

Another painting too big for my original art blog.
A couple of years ago I caught this little fellow doing his best to get some of the bread we were throwing but he was just too slow to catch anything. He was the runt of the  family by the looks of it, but we didn't leave until he got a mouthful.

On the subject of bread week is my last before redundancy kicks in. Why do I feel on top of the world about this? I really should (and will) look for another job once Summer is out. I may even step up the painting, rather than suffer a job I'm not likely to enjoy. Either way, I expect to be working again before too long.

As this is a journal, the news that has shocked me over the past week is regarding the woman who wants the man who threw acid into her face (because she refused his marriage proposals) to suffer the same fate as she did. What was even more shocking was the attitude of most of the phone-in listeners. Vengeance is pretty big with a lot of people.

The other was the beheading of  a poor unsuspecting woman, the details of which I'm sure everyone is aware.

I'm currently listening to Chris Tarrant (who I dislike) and will be glad when Steve Wright returns next week. Isn't it funny how the sound of one person's voice can annoy while another's can entertain and soothe?

I'll also be glad when Jon (my son) returns from London tonight, as he left his car directly and not perfectly parked outside our house early this morning and caught the train.

It's FRIDAY!!  Am I the only one who wants, needs and is planning a great weekend?


  1. I agree with you Ken.

    I'm extremely uncomfortable with the acid affair too. He did a terrible, inexcusable deed and I can understand that some might say that the punishment fits the crime.

    However I think if we want to promote a civilised society we cannot act as those who commit these crimes do.

    I know things are done differently in other countries, according to their 'laws', but it's not for me...........

  2. Apparently the throwing of acid at a woman is commonplace in Iran, usually because she does not do as the man wants her to do.

    Such a hideous act deserves severe punishment but not something that just smacks of back-street revenge.
    Let's not forget that the woman's life is ruined by the man's actions. He needs to be seen to suffer something that deprives him of his quality of life or the throwing of acid will continue.

  3. Hi GaynorB
    This is still on my mind. I think I'd like to say more on the subject. My views have changed over the years and I'd like to investigate where I am.

    Hi Jean
    I wonder what would serve justice best and also prevent these cruel acts?
    It certainly is making me think.