Thursday, May 26, 2011


The one singer that's been with me since early 1963.
 We've grown old together and I bought this album instead of food.
Seen him twice on stage live
Sang his songs 
Felt his songs
Lived his songs

I listened to "Not dark yet" while painting today.

If I was as innovative a painter as he is a singer-songwriter, he, along with the rest of the world will be writing about me now and for hundreds of years to come.

Sorry I missed your birthday...I eagerly awaited the party invite which is obviously lost in the post.


  1. "I bought this album instead of food.. Sang his songs, Felt his songs, Lived his songs" can relate to each of these expressions Ken. Simply beautiful

  2. I love the multiple layers of expression in Dylan's voice. When I think of it, your painting has the same effect on me.

  3. This post transports me to my youth! Can recall how we would hum, sing and just soak in the lyrics of his numbers. Thanks for reviving the memories.

  4. Thanks, Raj. It makes me want to ask the question of what you've been up to over the last forty years:)

    Hi Kelly
    I wasn't keen on Dylan's voice after he broke his neck, but I'm a fan again. I was always a fan of his songs, though.

    Hi Joy
    Surely you aren't that old:)

  5. In those days India didn't have television in all its states. In 1975 only seven states had TV service and cable TV was still years away as were computers. We lived in a small, conservative city so we were a bit behind with western music and even movies than say people living in the metros...Bombay, calcutta, Madras. I'm talking about the latter half of the seventies!It was only in 1982 that TV services became widespread (we bought our first TV) and a few years later cable connections provided some international channels. Now of course things are different.

  6. Hi khushi
    Yes, it's incredible what has happened over the last thirty years, but I'm amazed at how far behind India was.