Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back home

Okay, Blogger has reinstated the original post so I have deleted the replacement.

Rendering and painting the wall was one of the jobs I was determined to finish while in France last week (see Destination Brittany blog for details and more photos).
This photo was in the beginning, but after we cleared the ground a lot. The stone has now been cleaned and pointed, windows raised, re-tiled the 'green' section of the roof and built three dormer windows.
As it is now...with the grass not looking a lot better. The guttering, replacing tiles, building the stone circle around the oak, building the stone retaining wall and laying the patio will hopefully be done before the year is out.

I'm just about back to normal now after feeling really tired from tackling the long list of jobs out there.

It wasn't all work I hasten to add. I read a book, two newspapers, played games, visited friends, watched three DVD's, had walks, bike rides, mini motor-scooter and midi motorbike rides, Watched Man.U get to the Champion's League Final from a bar in Josselin, visited interesting places (including the cemetery I hope to end up in) and visited three beaches...laying and falling asleep on two.

Add all the jobs to the above and it's no wonder I was tired.


  1. Thanks to Randi and Tess for leaving comments on the original post.

    Randi, France is a BIG place and there is no way they will get so far adrift of the normal tourist places to get to Morbihan.

    We visited Rochfort en Terre which is considered the most beautiful village in the whole of France. The other places (Dinan and Dinard) are nice but not enough to make a massive detour.

    If they are on their way to Paris they must visit Honfleur if the opportunity arises.

    I am so looking forward to that self portrait. I just know it will be good but if it isn't, I'll tell you straight and take delight is doing so in the knowledge that you are not perfect in everything:)

  2. Comparing both photos, I can see it was a lot of work. But you did manage to tuck in some relaxing moments! It's interesting to read vignettes of how you go about your work and life.

  3. That's why I like your blog so much.