Tuesday, February 01, 2011

On the edge

Random thought...
I've only ever had one cut-throat razor shave in a proper barber's chair with frothy lather and leather strap...just like the western movies. It was in the back streets of Naples and was watched, filmed and cheered by friends.

The above random thought barged in, just as I was thinking about the movie we are going to watch tonight... which happens to clash with the Sunderland v Chelsea football game.

Could it be that listening to a commentary on ANY Sunderland game has me on the edge of my seat with nerves jangling, just as they were with the cut-throat razor experience? Add to this, the fact that we have sold our main striker and Chelsea have just bought the best striker on the planet for £50 million.

Somehow, I'm not expecting a close shave.

I know I always say that the result doesn't matter as much as the performance and passion, but I'm really deluding myself because it does have an effect on me.

Straight after The King's Speech, I'll rush back to catch the result because I still believe in miracles.

Random quiz...where are these words from?

"The lions they don't bite and the tigers won't roar'.

Let's hope it's true of Chelsea and that Sunderland are razor sharp tonight.


  1. I can never understand the passion for watching sport, especially football. Did try once, but got so upset when the team lost and I felt so miserable, that I went off following them. Went off the man I was with at the time as well! Ah well, and so life moves on! Hope you manage to get some joy out of the match. Loved the website, by the way, just didn't get time to post a response. But it looked very original, so well done you.

  2. I'm not so sportsy, but I do believe in miracles.

  3. I can't understand the fascination with football either, even less the manic and violent behaviour it brings out in some people.

    I keep meaning to make the effort to go and see The King's Speech. No doubt it will have moved on by the time I decide to do it. Was it as good as they say?

  4. Here we go again! My last response didn't post.

    Hi Vera
    I feel miserable EVERY time we lose. It makes me wonder about why I put myself through it every week.
    Thanks for the feedback on the website.
    I'm coming over to your place in a minute. It's amazing how I can travel the world so quickly...thanks to Blogger.

    Hi Tess
    If you WERE sporty, you'll be as good as you are with everything else.

    Hi Jean
    You've found me out! I try not to be TOO violent:)
    The King's Speech is DEFINITELY worth the visit, Jean.

  5. I like the idea that the result is not as important as the performance and passion. That's why I think I like college sports so much. One tends to see the passion a lot more, even with some imperfection.

  6. I can't wait to see The King's Speech! It looks wonderful. My family loves to watch sports. We get all excited about the energy and excitement of the competition. I like how it unites us as a family, though there are disagreements once in a while. All that testosterone in the house. LOL.

  7. Hi Paul
    I've never experienced college sport. I guess I'm missing out.

    Hi Kelly
    I think you'll love TKS. It stirred something inside me to be sure, and what great acting!

  8. Well Ken D where are those words from? is it a football thing?

  9. Ok who said that about lions and tigers then?

  10. Oh you have the approval thing on. Well I'm unlikely to get approval KenD

  11. "The lions they don't bite and the tigers won't roar'...is a line from a Kinks song...but which one???

    Oh no, I hate that approval thing. Thanks for letting me know MollyP.

  12. All is well...the comments moderation is only for posts 7 days or older.

  13. But it's probably appropriate to moderate me KenD.