Monday, February 14, 2011

It was a Happy Valentine

Roses are red
And some tulips are black
We'll go for a walk
and maybe a snack
I'm bowling you over, aren't I?

Accidents on the A1 either side of Newark meant total gridlock which prevented us from driving to the bowling alley. 

We did go for the walk later...through town and by the river.
 Bev by lamplight

It was cold but nice.

Hot chocolate, a snack and snuggle on the sofa.


  1. Sounds loverly! I always enjoy your photos.

  2. "We'll go for a walk, and maybe a snack" Thanks your including us in your travels Ken. Grateful

  3. Thanks was.
    I've just realised there is an evening shooting mode on my camera.

    Hi Raj
    I'm coming over to you in a mo.

    Hi Tess
    Thank you for dropping by with good wishes a plenty.

  4. Ken, I can't tell you how good it is 'visiting' you again over the blog fence. Good to hear from you. i was thinking of you just yesterday and how much I've missed blogging and communicating with fellow bloggers. We are still 'on leave' if you can call it that, 'cos every day there is business to do. Either with the engineering or preparations for a new stock in the pie shop. Yes, Australia is surely the land of milk and honey. Wanna come and live over here? At our dinner the other night, our friend, an Essex boy, was telling us how bad it is over in the uk now. Most people want to leave.. Anyway, more later... Keep well!