Monday, January 31, 2011

Every one a winner

Last week was the first activity of the year that I had a big hand in organising. It was our church regional swimming gala for Derby, Eastwood, Boston, Lincoln and Nottingham. What a great night it was for aged 12 to 35+.

Over the years, each of our children have participated, and I even became the high dive champion once (a long time ago). Martin was the only Devine representative this year, as the rest have moved out of the area. How proud we were to see him win races and what lovely memories were relived covering  the past two decades as we drove home.

We've seen little kiddies return to compete as adults along with their own kiddies. A really fantastic family and friends activity.

I almost lost my voice, again!

People arriving and getting organised with the certificate and scoring officials...Nigel and his wife Jan and Sarah Bev. 1st, 2nd and 3rd places receive certificates and every other position gains points for their team.

Who's trying to get my attention?
Martin (face showing) and Adam were tied first place for this one.

As the official starter for over 50 races, I was too busy to take any more photos, but I can tell you it was a night to remember with a fantastic atmosphere.

On the final race of the evening, our friend Paul clawed back almost half a length to pave the way for Martin to complete the final length of the men's relay. Martin came from way behind to win the race and send us in raptures.

Those relays are a joy to watch.

The church that I attend won the overall gala.


  1. How wonderful! Your writing communicates the joy and nostalgia that was evoked that day. Personally I'm scared of water and my efforts to face this fear ended in the shallows. Now I can't even do that...:)

  2. Hi Joy
    The experience of the evening was better than words can convey.
    I LOVE water...I drink the stuff, wash in it and play in it:)
    I must admit that it hasn't always been good to me and at times I've been lucky to escape with my life.