Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dancing through life

Spluttering and struggling to stay a sparkler about to fizzle out.

A great weekend in Sunderland prematurely brought to an end with Bev feeling ill. Roles reversed tonight as I feel a tad yuk here in Newark while Bev is as bright as a button helping her friend with genealogy in Nottingham.

Finished this yesterday...

Very readable and yes, charming. It made me laugh a lot and count my blessings.

I'm about to open 'The Help'...a book with a film release later this year in the States. My daughter recommended it and, to make sure I read it, bought it as a gift.

I had the chance to visit my sister Autumn (known most of her life as Carol) on Saturday. She had heart problems in 2010 and it was so good to see her in relative good health and speaking. This photo was from her apartment living room window which I opened and promptly felt dizzy. It shows where I was born, where I played, the various places I lived in care, my first flat, my first job, 2nd job, 3rd job, location of accidents 1,2 and 3, location of first kiss, first scuffle, first scar, first friend and a thousand memories. The unseen view to the right (on another photograph) shows the parks and other places I lived and another thousand memories.

The sound of the gulls and smell of the sea air filled me with nostalgia. It's a pity I didn't have a walk along the long sandy beaches.

I was running late and had to dash to pick Chris up and meet up with Bev, Juli and the family in Newcastle.

A photo of inside the Metro Centre (Newcastle). The place is so vast and manic that I came away totally exhausted. I didn't manage to find what I needed, unlike Bev (probably why she felt ill the next day). The kids in the photo were flung right up to the first floor. It was so unfair that it was just for kids.

Friday night was a really special night for us all, but I'm unable to upload any video footage at the moment. I'll try later. in her 61st year, danced, laughed and cried...with the rest of us.


  1. Guernsey is a wonderful book. It's part of my little manor library.

  2. Oh to be a tad younger... being flung so high doesn't appeal to me anymore. How wonderful that the photograph revealed so many memories, that's the real value of photography.
    Thanks for the tip about The Guernsey, I'll chase it up.

  3. A wonderful chronicle of events from good literature to scenery.

  4. "laugh a lot and count ...blessings." Always comforting to walk few steps with you Ken. Many thanks

  5. Hi Tess
    Yes, it is so well written. I get the impression your library isn't that little.

    Hi Valerie
    The photograph is so good as I've never seen it all from above. Everything is there to see for the first time ever. I always imagined the two piers to be much further along the coast.

    Hi Paul
    And now all consigned to history...although the memory of living it will always be available for recollection and enjoyment.

    Hi Raj
    Thanks! I'm glad you think so.

  6. I would love to read that book. Looks very charming and heartwarming.

    Glad that you have warm memories and fun times with all. I love how you bring us with you on your journeys. Thank you!

    Ken, I did a vlog, if you want to come over and "see" me :)