Monday, January 03, 2011


As one door gently clicks shut behind me, another swings open, leaving me no option but to walk on. It looks fairly bright out there, but don't think for one moment I haven't noticed another year lost...or is that another golden year of wonderful memories and experiences gained?

I'll soon be facing life as a 59 year old. It sounds quite old and I can scarce resist the temptation to count how many years might still be left in the pot.

I see storm clouds in the distance but perhaps its my failing eyesight. Maybe they'll dissipate if they are real. If not, there'll be a silver lining or two.

No worries! I've gained more than I've lost. I'm ready for whatever is thrown at me.

The year may have ended in sickness, but it didn't mask the happy family time we had. We are exhausted and unprepared for a seemingly sudden return to the rigours of normality, but what the heck!

Bev is at work today for the first time this year and I've decided to start and finish a job that I know will crack her face with the biggest smile. It may be my last day of holiday, but it's worth the sacrifice.

MIL...short for mother in law, in case others are as confused as Karen, usually drags her dripping shopping trolley through the hall and kitchen into her carpeted living room. This infuriates an already bad-tempered Bev (just kidding!)

Today, I will clear under the stairs and build a cupboard just for the trolley.

No more tram lines in the carpet. No more chipped paint as a result of poor manoeuvring. No more dents in the fridge door. No more clutter in her bathroom...yes, that's where she keeps it. Bev will no longer feel compelled to hire a cleaner every time MIL has visitors.

Change doesn't come cheap. MIL will kick against progress. My name will be synonymous with the dirt I'm trying to avoid on her carpet. There will be glances heading in my direction that could be mistaken for missiles and my impending birthday may be blighted with the lack of a present.

Perhaps war isn't the best way to start a new year, but the season of goodwill has ended regarding MIL and her out-of-control trolley.

I'll post a photo later today if the campaign is successful.


Still bits to do, unfortunately.


  1. Good luck with the war... I mean the new cupboard. Now then, I wish you'd give over that 59 sounds old, have a heart for those of us who are a teeny weeny bit older. Happy New Year.

  2. Best wishes for 2011, that trolley would infuriate me too. I actually own one of my own they are trendy in France and mine is bright pink, it lives under the stairs.

    PS we do not have any carpet..

  3. My, you're industrious! Come on over the manor when you've finished. I have some projects for you.

  4. Your "name will (never) be synonymous with the dirt" Ken, given the fine job you are doing to make life easier for all, including MIL. Impressed

  5. Hi Valerie
    You are quite right; I shall stop it right now! I bet you are only just a smidgeon older.

    Hi Blu
    I should get MIL a bright pink one too so everyone can see her coming:)

    Hi Tess
    I think I have more projects than energy, believe me. Although...

    Hi Raj
    You will be surprised, but I'm glad I have at least one advocate, in you.

  6. Happy New Year, Ken, and may the shopping trolley of life always bring you the best bargains especially on your forthcoming birthday.

    (I passed 59 a couple of weeks ago and it's not too bad so far. The only really annoying thing is that I won't be able to claim my state pension or bus pass until I'm nearly 62, something for which I will never forgive the government.)

  7. You sound like you're ready to storm into battle with all the zest and vigor of a 29 year old :) Happy New Year Ken!

  8. Hi Jean
    Actually, I'm not looking forward to my birthday, BUT I am looking forward to the rest of 2011 with my main goal of stopping it going by as fast as last year did.
    Yes, you spend all your life reaching that magical point in life only for them to move the goal posts. You've got to laugh!

    Hi Kelly
    The roadrunner tag belongs to you, I think. A Happy New Year to you, too...and a swing towards good fortune.