Friday, January 14, 2011

Mixed bag of a week

You're a last!

1. My reward for a 90% success rate for achieving last years personal goals wasn't so much the trophy as the company I was with on Monday evening. 

2. Not once, twice, but THREE times I wiped out my website with the press of the SAME button. The only thing I learned was that I still mumble in frustration and shout at myself in disbelief.

3. Made a meal for Bev (and me) from one of the new Christmas gift cook star is rising! However, I burned the potatoes while trying to sort my website out and had to re-do them.

4. A week or so ago, I let the opportunity pass to buy a presentation box of tableware for £12 at an Help the Aged charity shop. I wanted to feature the items in future paintings. I regretted not buying it and began mumbling to myself. ( that's when I noticed that I'm mumbling a lot these days).

5. I received an early birthday present from David and was the presentation box of tableware that I thought had gone forever! Eileen works at the shop and thought of me. So Happy!

6. Going to Sunderland today for a surprise 60th party for my sister. Making a weekend of it.

7. I've felt as though I've had to play catch-up a lot this week and haven't had chance to visit blogland much.

This weekend is my pause button. The replay button is for Monday.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I sincerely hope you have your website saved, Ken. Heehee I too mumble a lot, guess it's a sign of something or other to do with age. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I've burned more food since I've started blogging, than all the times in my entire life combined.

  3. I'm always burning food. Have the tendency to wander off and do other things rather than stand over the food and monitor its progress towards the burnt stage. Nice to know other people so the same! Hope your weekend soothes your soul.

  4. Blogging and cooking are definitely not "best friends" to quote Jamie Oliver. I have lost count of the number of saucepans boiled dry and cups of coffee gone cold since I started.

    Which is a shame, considering how many blogs have absolutely fantastic recipes in them.

    When exactly is your birthday? I would like to wish you a happy birthday in advance in case I forget or am too absorbed in blogs !!

  5. Like Jean, I want to know when your birthday is/was too! I hope I'm not late to the party!

    I laughed about the burnt potatoes because I can't count how many times I have burned dinner, or worse---totally forgotten to start it until my husband walked in the door after work. Ouch! Had to pretend that I totally meant to have a late dinner. :)

    And Ken? You ARE a star! Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Ken, I've been away from the blog for a while and it was great to be back and read what everyone's been up to :)

    If there's one thing I really find so enviable (in a good way !)and charming is the way you cook for Bev. I haven't had anyone cook for me (except once) or of course when we're invited for a meal...:))))

  7. Hi Valerie
    No, I didn't have it saved, but I do now. True...grumpy old man, I am.

    Hi Tess
    But you are still very young, and besides...I bet YOUR burned stuff is still good. I love the look of your potato skins recipe, btw.

    Hi Vera
    It IS good to know I'm not alone with burning stuff. The weekend burned me out:)

    Hi Jean
    Yes, bloggers like to cook...or is it the other way round?
    Feb 22.

    Hi Randi
    I've had the same experience in pretence as Bev walks through the door...but only once!
    It's my 59th coming up. After the 22nd I'll be in my 60th year!!!!
    If I AM a t star, it will be the type to burn out, explode, implode or shatter? I had a GREAT weekend, thanks.

    Hi Khushi
    It's great to see you back.
    Bev wants me to tell you that I only cook twice a week for her...just to get an accurate picture. She isn't complaining, though and is grateful for the break.
    You'll have to tell me what you had for the one time a meal was made for you...and why only the once?

  8. Ken, the only time David cooked for me was when I had gone on a day-long school project. Knowing I would be tired when I returned he cooked dinner as a surprise, and swore the kids to surprise it was and a very comical one too!
    He had made "bhuna gosht" which translates to a dry mutton dish, where mutton (goat's meat)is fried with onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, and dry Indian spices and eaten with chappaties. However since he didn't know which spice was what, he used dry mango powder instead of coriander powder! So we actually had a pretty new dish of nicely browned sour mutton....:))But I loved him so much for the gesture!

    In those days, married men in India wouldn't enter the kitchen to make anything beyond a cup of tea/coffee. They would cook only if the wife was away.
    These days things are changing and men do help their wives!

  9. Ken-I'm too late to wish you a happy weekend, but I hope you had a lovely time at your sister's birthday party.

  10. Hi Khushi
    I hope you enjoyed your browned sour mutton...a surprise indeed!
    Thank goodness things are changing, especially when women are working as hard as the men.

    Hi NP
    I'm still recovering;it was really very good. And it was a genuine surprise for her.

  11. I'm always on the verge of burning food these days! Hope you had a fabulous weekend Ken. I'm sure Bev loved that dinner too.

  12. Hi Kelly
    Yes, she did enjoy it. I quite look forward to cooking, lately. Hopefully I won't burn it too often:)