Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome break

All of a sudden I'm told I can use an iPod while working.

Mon, Tues and Wednesday I listened to over 300 songs and talks and, if anything, my workload increased and the time flew by. I now have two lanes and life just got better.

So here I am at more work for 3 weeks. I'm off to France today. Everything is packed. I'm ready! I fly 8pm.

Jobs to do today...
Into town for a pair of decent in-ear headphones (Done)
Trim the creeper (Done)
Put blind track up in MIL living room (Done)
Charge camera batteries (Done)
Paint (updated my paintings blog instead)
Fill the hole in the landing ceiling (Done)
Tidy the area around the computer (Done)
Chill (Still doing it)

Jobs to do in France...starting tomorrow...
  • Finish the landing wooden tops (and the main bedroom one)
  • Build an internal wood store
  • Finish the fireplace canopy
  • Fit a lock to the living room / kitchen door
  • Prepare ground and sow grass seed
  • Order the materials for the store
  • Lay a concrete base for the store
  • Build the outside store (this is the main job)
  • Work some more on the patio
  • Finish the guttering
  • Perhaps dig another soak-away
  • Paint various areas inside and out
  • Weed the front and lay gravel
  • Have fun...windsurfing / rides / walks
  • Have more fun...and even more fun.
Bev arrives next Sunday, so I'm planning to work hard until she arrives, then 1/2 pace and decreasing for two weeks.

That's the plan anyway, but you know what they say about plans.

I now sign off for three weeks with a smile.


  1. Hi Ken, I hope you have a great and productive holiday. And lots of fun too.

    We'll be in LGP at the same time......I can hardly wait....they got no sense out of me at work today - I was demob happy !!

  2. Hope you have a lovely time here in France. Enjoy.

  3. F is for France...have a great time!

  4. Enjoy yourselves, Ken and Bev. Give Brittany a kiss from me and tell it I will be back soon for a holiday - well, I hope so anyway

  5. Hi All
    Thanks for your good wishes.
    I had an eventful time for sure.