Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eyes wide open

Whilst reading willow's poetry my thoughts veered at a tangent and lingered on some recent news.

The news was of a young lady (in her 20's) victimised and beaten by her Mother and lodger within one mile of where I now sit. Introverted and fearful she would exist from day to day, year after year. No love, warmth, friendship or hope.

Whatever she earned had to be handed over for her keep. Such has been her life's experience and experience has shown her that it was her lot in life. Attempts to escape had ended painfully.

Then one day she found a full-time job with friendly staff who became close enough for her to eventually share her heartache.

The eyes; windows of the soul, are now bright and brimming with tears of joy. Warmth and hope replace chill and despair. Excitement borne of victory replaces resignation and defeat.

She has saved sufficient to move into her own place and enjoys strong active and lasting support sufficient to ensure it happens without resistance.

This is the superb line from the poem entitled ethos (Tuesday 13th July) that set me thinking of this injustice that thankfully turned to joy...

I cannot trifle with those
who refuse to taste life.

I changed willow's words...

I cannot trifle with those
who with eyes wide open bruise the soul.

Aren't friends good!


  1. Ken, a heartfelt story reminding us all of the human capacity to blossom even after abuse, distress or neglect. I love how you put that spin on willow's wonderful words. "Bruising the soul" hurts just thinking of it.

  2. A very touching story and thank goodness it had a happy ending.

  3. What a touching account. I am truly happy for that girl, and yes Ken,"with eyes wide open bruise the soul" is what is happening all around us here. Good friends are an antidote to such ruthless suffering.

  4. Hi SM
    Yes, it's nice when sunshine follows rain...and it invariably does. I like to keep it in mind as I'm often caught under a cloud.

    Hi Jean
    When I heard it, it made me so mad, but when I heard the outcome, it restored my faith in human nature.

    Hi khushi
    It's hats off to friendship then. Do you know anyone who hasn't got one?

  5. Of course I don't mind. You altered my lines to fit this situation so perfectly. A life-affirming post. Thank you.