Sunday, August 08, 2010

Spencer Lee Devine

Was it really only last week that we all got together at Jon & Serene's place for Spencer's blessing?

Too many photos so I'm concentrating on our four getting ready for a serious photo...
I don't think it's going to work...
They are in that sort of mood...
Settle down...
That's better...

All our children, grandchildren, family and friends together for a very special day.



  1. I love all that fun personality in your family :) I wonder what they are all giggling about? Did they let you in on the joke? Great pictures.

  2. What lovely family shots! Looks like you have some good cooks in your family too. I'm thinking I'm coming over for a piece of that cake.

  3. What a lovely spread of food, and your family look lovely as well. You must be very proud of them all. As with Randi, that cake looks like it is worth a visit so that a slice can be eaten!

  4. Great photos ! And what a spread !
    Looks like you had a great party.

  5. Hi Kelly
    No idea what they were giggling about but it lasted a long usual. I love they way they interact and are such good friends, even though as kids I often left it up them what their punishment should be when they were naughty...they always chose the worst punishment for each other. Perhaps they have short memories.

    Hi Randi
    You should have seen the main course which has been largely cleared away to make room for the sweets. As far as I know, it was all down to Serene this time.

    Hi Vera
    We are proud of them, yes. As for the cake, I doubt it was all eaten because we'd stuffed ourselves with what came before it.

    Hi Jean
    Thanks. I took loads of photos to get us through winter as it'll be much colder and indoors the next time we get together.

    Are you finished with France for this year?