Sunday, August 15, 2010


Saturday threatened rain so I headed for the loft (one of my 2010 goals is to board the loft).

The sun came out, so I abandoned the loft and placed the bags of pampas clippings in the sun to dry out. When dry, we stuffed the bags into the car and headed for the tip. Then to my brother for a visit. Then shopping for curtains, bathroom ideas and a new pair of jeans. I'm fed up with the cheap baggy jeans and decided to push the boat out on a pair of Ben Shermans.

On the way back, we picked up a DVD (The Greatest...Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon and Carey Mulligan) along with popcorn, KFC and vanilla fudge and enjoyed the rest of the evening being totally selfish.

Now you see them a third bag. Just look at that rampant creeper.
Now you don't...just need to cut the grass now.

I'm such a hypocrite! I promised myself that I'd never eat KFC after discovering how it ends up on our plate. It tasted really nice, but I think I'll try my best to avoid it...unless I'm really, really hungry and too lazy to make something. I lifted the bag of clippings into the container, I was stung by a wasp. How ridiculous I must have looked with my arms in the air and shrieking. It's the second time I've been stung that I can recall and it isn't nice.

Actually, I was stung twice...once by the wasp and the other by the cost of KFC.

It's Sunday now and I feel very happy. I enjoyed the lesson about proverbs and the characteristics of the church Christ set up originally.

We are back home now and the weather is good enough to sit in the garden for lunch and a walk after it.

The worst part of last week...having to go to work.
The best part of last week...having a job that affords me luxuries from time to time.

I'm thinking I should make the most of having a job because I could easily lose it.

Stop spending and get back to simple ways. The simple ways are always best.


  1. I haven't had KFC for ages and now you've gone and given me a craving. I just might have to hop into the old Land Rover and go get some. After all, it is Sunday, and I really don't feel like cooking.

  2. Hello Ken, my first time here. Every now and then my husband has a craving for KFC. Since we no longer have moms to cook up a skillet full for a Sunday a dinner, I have to say I am happy when he brings some home. I can add all the other Southern dishes to make it almost as good as if our moms had served it: grren beans, freah tomatoes, squash, angel biscuits, and peach cobbler!
    Lets hear it for you lawn warriors! My husband also was attacked by some nasty yellow jackets a few weeks ago! Hope you are recovering from the stings. Your Nottingham home looks so inviting!
    Thanks for the reflrections on Best & Worst!
    I need to be more grateful that I have my teaching job when so many have lost theirs!
    Peace be with you!

  3. That would be FRESH sliced tomatoes!

  4. What a beautiful lawn and garden area. Makes me want to sit outside and read a book. Oh, and munch on some vanilla fudge. YUM! So sorry you got stung.

  5. I agree about simple being best. We used to indulge in similar foody 'treats' until we came here, but now don't. We eat simpler but healthier. And instead of TV we do other things, so no CDs for us. Am impressed with the tidiness of that garden though, in comparison ours looks like a jungle. Hope you have a good week.

  6. I only had KFC once and it was so horrible and greasy I swore to never have another and I haven't.
    That was about 20 years ago. Have they improved?

    Poor you with a wasp stin. They are SO painful.

  7. I had KFC around thirty years ago, about the same time that I had my first wasp sting. I'm just hoping you haven't set a new trend for these things...grins.

  8. That's why it's called convenience food willow. Go on but remember...the taste never lives up to the craving.
    ps,I hope you didn't mind me tinkering with your poetry on the last post.

    Welcome Firelight (what a brilliant name). I've never even heard of some of those ingredients. Are they from McDonalds?:)
    Thanks for the good wishes. I look forward to visiting your blog.

    There isn't any fudge left Randi. Nice try!

    Hi Vera
    And guess what lifestyle I'd rather have at the moment? (your's of course!)

    Hi Jean
    You can still be unlucky with the quality. I'm surprised it isn't universally good. The worst I've had was in New York would you believe?
    The sting was painful but only for a little while...forgotten all about it now.

    Hi Valerie
    Thanks for dropping by and feel free to comment anytime. I guess KFC made as big an impression on you as it did Jean. You should give it another chance but check for wasps this time:)