Thursday, September 16, 2010

On reflection

I've been reflecting (whilst shaving) on if I am better off being left alone rather than confronted, prodded, poked or challenged.

They fascinate , frustrate, disappoint, inspire, please and disgust me. I love 'em and hate 'em too. Nowt so funny as folk eh?

I don't mind kind words, praise, adulation or being the recipient of unexpected gifts or kindnesses, but  they can't go on forever and must inevitably give way to a bit of grey.

Yesterday (and the day before) I felt front-line, dull, bruised, tender, fragile and under attack just at a time when I want to be cocooned, fresh and impregnable. When I'm rained on I want to feel dry, comfortable and stronger than tissue paper.

Perhaps it's because I'm just back from holiday and need to get into the rhythm of things.

I found 1,230 emails in the inbox on my return, along with new processes, a new team, team leader, location and expanded responsibilities. The bubble had burst. It was raining hard and I preferred the being left alone option.

On the bright side, I had a decent break from it all and feel considerably better this morning as I confront the man in the mirror.

Hope you had a good birthday yesterday Amber.

Welcome to Paul C...I hope you enjoy dropping by from time to time. Oh my goodness, a retired high school English teacher! I'm afraid you'll have to turn a blind eye to my English.

Also welcome to Val Daggatt. I've just noticed your silhouette Val but can't locate you on blogger.

Looking forward to visiting you all.

Oh, I almost forgot to conclude...

Am I better off being alone, protected and cocooned?



  1. Life is hard sometimes but our resilience shines through. Hi Ken, I don't know why you can't locate me on blogger, come to that I don't know why my profile picture shows on some blogs I visit and not others. I've been around long enough for Blogger to recognise me. To start you off, try this (abbreviation of a rather long blogging address)

  2. Got you Val...quite a talent you have.

  3. Are you deliberately trying to win a Literary award or something with this blog!

  4. Wow Martin! You've shocked me into thinking about that one. Since when have you stooped to comment? Who told you about this place? Just kidding! It pleases me that you can spell such words. Oops, just kidding again. Thanks for dropping by. See you soon.